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Your roadmap to Business Growth and increased Cash Flow


We are Virtual CFOs' that partner with growth minded business owners and startups.

What is not tracked cannot be improved. We offer expert insights and financial management  of your cash flow to enable you to grow your profits and business.


What is Strategic Financial Leadership

Meets you where you are, understands where you going and gets you where you want to go.

When it comes to growing the wealth of your  business.

Trusting only your gut is not always the best approach.

In fact, it can be very risky.

A staggering 82% of business failures are attributed to poor cash management.

Corporates have a CEO, a Board, a CFO, and Executive Teams to ensure that cash flow and business strategy are aligned. As a growing business, you don't have to do it alone.

If you need financial strategic insights, frameworks & support to empower you to lead your business forward, get in touch.

We work closely with you to develop comprehensive actionable financial plans that align with your business and personal goals.


We provide in-depth financial analysis and insights, forecasting, cash flow management and scenario planning in a simplified manner. We demistify complex financial topics into bite-size nuggets in order for you to make informed decisions.

Acting as financial psychologists for your business, we identify the 'WHY' and provide clear next steps for moving forward to realise your goals.

We offer month-to-month service so that if at any point you feel that we’re not delivering growth to your bottom line, you can walk away. Risk-free.

Are you questioning or struggling with any of the below:

  • The business is fully reliant on you and falls apart without you;​

  • You want to grow their business but need cash to do so, but need a growing business to increase your cash. You In a catch 22.

  • You don't have a simple and efficient way to know what's working - and what's not working -in order to grow your business.

The MiiCFO Way 

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